Supergirl Captured, Tickled, Spanked & Humiliated

Starring Veronika as Supergirl, Diamond, and Kianna
Supergirl responds to a report of a burglary in progress and surprises Diamond and Kianna robbing the premises. She tries to capture them but Diamond slips a Kryptonite necklace over Spergilrs neck and Supergirl passes out. Next thing she knows, she is tied on a bed. The perps start to leave with their booty but decide to have some fun with Supergirl's booty instead. The proceed to tickle her, spank her, strip her, diddle her and finally make her climax with a vibrator. After totally humiliating her, they leave tied up and helpless waiting to be discovered by the owner of the premisis.
30 minutes
DVD - $35.00
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Veronika's Drugged Blow Job
Veronika is putting lotion on her feet when Justin comes in and finds her. [details]
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Fatal Foot and Blow Job
Veronika has been captured by the Footjob Killer. [details]
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Superpower Transfer
Supergirl is sitting around depressed because she got hit by a kryptonite ray and has lost her powers. [details]
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Supergirl Hanging
Tyler is suspected of being Supergirl. [details]
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In the sequel to Supergirl Porked, the Police Commissioner has sided with the Russian scientist seeking revenge on Supergirl. [details]
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The Sleeper Reappears
The Sleeper is back, this time picking on Batgirl and Supergirl. [details]
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Reporter Expose'
Newspaper-reporter Veronika crashes a party to get a scoop and ends up being totally controlled and humiliated by her host who uses suggestion and mind-control to make Veronika strip and humiliate herself for the public. [details]
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Anchorwoman Humiliation
A very classy, modest professional is interviewing a psychic on TV. [details]
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Featuring Humiliation, and Nudity
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Alex is back as Wonder Woman in the fantastic short sequence. [details]
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Girlfriend Revenge
Alex is pissed off at her girlfriend Diamond. [details]
Starring Alex, and Diamond
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Hypnotic Invention
2 executives from a leading toy company are invited for a demonstration of a new product. [details]
Starring Veronika
35 minutes
Raped/Totally Humiliated #3
We find Renee committed to a psychiatric facility - undergoing court-ordered treatment to determine if she's capable of standing trial for her past rapes of Alex and Alyssa. [details]
Starring Renee, and Veronika
43 minutes
Raped/Totally Humiliated #2
In the sequel to Best Seller - Raped and Humiliated - We find the arrogant cop, Renee, waiting for the arrival of Alex's sister. [details]
Starring Renee, and Alex
50 minutes
Raped and Totally Humiliated
Alex lives in a posh neighborhood which has suffered a rash of break-in's and rapes lately. [details]
Starring Alex, and Renee
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Office Domination
Alyssa has had enough of her domineering boss Veronika. [details]
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Hypno Demonstration
Alyssa and Diamond attend what they assume is a business presentation but find themselves hypnotized instead by a bright strobe light. [details]
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Panty Heaven #2
4 Girlfriends are having a party and decide to order pizza. [details]
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Superheroine Knockout Battle
Wonder Woman and Batgirl meet with Cat Woman to see who is the meanest of the three and who can take the best punch! In scene after scene they knock each other out or use the sleeper hold - sometimes even knocking themselves out by accident. [details]
Starring Alexis as Batgirl, Megan as Wonder Woman, and Roxy as Catwoman
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John "The Knockout" Maverick is a convicted rapist. [details]
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Supergirl is telling a friend that she was at a bar when a man kept staring at her and she was creeped out about it. [details]
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The Blackcat, The Red Tiger and Supergirl
Supergirl is still weak from her attack by the Red Tiger and is sleeping when the Blackcat comes in and sees the domination dildo next to Supergirl. [details]
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Catwoman & Wonder Woman Molest Batman
Batman has been captured by Catwoman who, as usual, is in one of her ruts! She decides to make Batman her sexual slave. [details]
Starring Veronika as Catwoman, and Alex as Wonder Woman
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Magic Girl vs. Superoines
Wonder Woman and Super Girl are on the hunt for Magic Girl. [details]
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Wonder Woman's Downfall
Every little girl grows up wanting to be her favorite Superheroine - Toni has devised such a plan over the years. [details]
Starring Alex as Wonder Woman, and Toni as Wonder Woman
34 minutes
Wonder Woman Gassed and Raped
Chelsea gets a call that the Crime King has escaped from jail and is out for revenge against Wonder Woman for putting him there. [details]
Starring Chelsea as Wonder Woman
30 minutes
Wonder Woman Humiliated by the Watcher.
Superheroines have been disappearing without a trace and Wonder Woman decides to investigate a mysterious villain called the Watcher who supposedly has mystical powers. [details]
38 minutes
WonderGirl Humiliated
WonderGirl has captured her latest villain - Mr. [details]
Starring Veronika as Wondergirl
13 minutes
Supergirl Spanked by Dad
Veronika as Supergirl who has become totally irresponsible at home refusing to clean up her room of do dishes or contribute to the chores around the house. [details]
Starring Veronika as Supergirl
35 minutes
A policewoman comes to inquire about a crime with John "The KO". [details]
Starring Veronika as Supergirl
15 minutes
Catwoman's Trap
As she's stealing some jewelry, Catwoman is confronted by Superman and told that she won't get away with stealing the jewelry. [details]
Starring Veronika as Catwoman
29 minutes
The Tickled Spy
Raven is the FBI agent who is using a new method of interrogation. [details]
Starring Renee, and Raven
30 minutes
Chloroform Babe
6 great chloroform scenes where Megan is chloroformed and fondled by a stranger who than proceeds to ravish her hair by sniffing it and covering his face with it. [details]
Starring Megan
31 minutes
Wonder Woman's Backbend Blowjob
Wonder Woman is tied up and dominated by a man who has captured her. [details]
15 minutes
The Mad Scientist's Revenge
Supergirl comes home from a hard day at work unaware that the Mad Scientist that she and Wonder Woman did a T & D on has spiked her hairspray with the "super horny" hormone. [details]
Starring Veronika as Supergirl
26 minutes
Dead Cheerleader
Veronika, the cheerleader, returns home from practice and tries on some of her mothers newest clothes when she's attacked from behind. [details]
Starring Veronika
20 minutes
The Sleeper Shows Mercy
The newest in the Sleeper series staring Corey as Supergirl and Chloe as Catwomen. [details]
30 minutes
Superheroines Vs. Dr Hypno
Wonder Woman has been captured by Dr Hypno and is being used as bait to lure Supergirl to his lair in order to hypnotize and humiliate both superheroines. [details]
Starring Renee as Supergirl, and Alex as Wonder Woman
30 minutes
Scalet Witch & Invisible Woman meet the Flashmaster
The Scarlet Witch and Invisible Woman have turned up for a charity photoshoot for a superheroine calander. [details]
30 minutes
Superman- The Weakness
Supergirl gets together with her cousin - Superman - wanting to discuss some recent discoveries that she's made. [details]
Starring Veronika as Supergirl
28 minutes
Master Nazi vs Wonder Woman
Introducing Nikki Brooks as Wonder Woman. [details]
15 minutes
Alex - White Slave Trade
Alex is going undercover to investigate the disappearance of young girls throughout the city. [details]
Starring Alex, and Toni
39 minutes
Heiress Blackmail and Rape
Alex has always been a goody-two-shoes and when her grandfather dies - leaving her a lot of money - it's her cousin who gets angry for being left out in the cold. [details]
Starring Alex
30 minutes
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