Batgirl Robbed and Humiliated

Starring Alex, and Diamond
2 burglars are caught in the middle of a robbery by Batgirl. A struggle takes place and the girls overwhelm Batgirl - chloroforming her. Batgirl, regaining consciousness, finds herself tied tightly to a bed - gagged with pantyhose. As the burglars are getting ready to leave the bound superheroine, they decide to get a little revenge for the beating they took earlier. They want to completely humiliate Batgirl so they taunt her while stripping her out of her costume. The humiliation continues when they fondle her naked body and eventually use a dildo on her before leaving her there hopelessly bound and naked.
30 minutes
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Seductress Hypnotizes Wonder Woman
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Security Guard Abduction
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The Hostages
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Superheroine School
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Dark Lady versus Wonder Woman
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Supergirls Comeuppance
In the sequel to Supergirl Porked, the Police Commissioner has sided with the Russian scientist seeking revenge on Supergirl. [details]
Starring Veronika as Supergirl
33 minutes
Ms. Americana's Humiliation
Called to the scene of robbery in progress, Ms. [details]
Starring Renee as Ms Americana
42 minutes
Superheroine Milking
Justice Girl (played by Megan) is searching for missing MegaGirl when she is confronted by the evil villainess Milk Maid. [details]
30 minutes
Wonder Woman Choked
Wonder Woman confronts a thief only to find herself evenly matched by his toughness but overmatched with his willpower. [details]
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Stealing Wonder Woman's Identity
Evil Woman hatches a plot to steal Wonder Woman's Identity by luring Batgirl to her hideout. [details]
35 minutes
Wonder Woman's Backbend Blowjob
Wonder Woman is tied up and dominated by a man who has captured her. [details]
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Dr Black Strikes Back
Wonder Woman (Alex) and Superfox (Veronika) come to capture Dr Black at his secret hideout. [details]
Starring Alex as Wonder Woman, and Veronika as SuperFox
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Veronika as Supergirl who has become totally irresponsible at home refusing to clean up her room of do dishes or contribute to the chores around the house. [details]
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Catwoman's Downfall
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Starring Veronika as Catwoman, and Diamond
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As she's stealing some jewelry, Catwoman is confronted by Superman and told that she won't get away with stealing the jewelry. [details]
Starring Veronika as Catwoman
29 minutes
The Blackcat, The Red Tiger and Supergirl
Supergirl is still weak from her attack by the Red Tiger and is sleeping when the Blackcat comes in and sees the domination dildo next to Supergirl. [details]
25 minutes
The Superheroine Chloroform Strangler
The Superheroine Chloroform Strangler plans to help rid the world of three pesky and annoying superheroines - Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Batgirl - by summoning them with a phony distress call. [details]
30 minutes
Batgirl - Captured & Screwed
Batgirl arrives at the proposed scene of the crime - searching around for the alleged invadert. [details]
Starring Renee as Batgirl
40 minutes
Batgirl and Electra
Electra, just freed from prison, is determined to capture and humiliate Batgirl for sending her to prison in the first place! She sets a trap of electrified proportions and captures the caped wonder. [details]
Starring Angel as Electra, and Renee as Batgirl
30 minutes
The Mad Scientist's Revenge
Supergirl comes home from a hard day at work unaware that the Mad Scientist that she and Wonder Woman did a T & D on has spiked her hairspray with the "super horny" hormone. [details]
Starring Veronika as Supergirl
26 minutes
Lex Luthor Overcomes Lois Lane
Lex has stolen Superman's powers and show up to claim his long lusted after prize, Lois Lane. [details]
Starring Megan
29 minutes
Scalet Witch & Invisible Woman meet the Flashmaster
The Scarlet Witch and Invisible Woman have turned up for a charity photoshoot for a superheroine calander. [details]
30 minutes
Veronika's Super Dream
Veronika is a Superman junkie. [details]
Starring Veronika
29 minutes
Powerstealer vs Wonder Woman
The old Powerstealer is at it again but this time it is Wonder Woman who he chloroforms, ties up and makes her have several orgasms in order to deplete and steal her powers. [details]
Starring Alex as Wonder Woman
32 minutes
Supergirl Beaten Silly
Supergirl is attempting to apprehend Catwoman and they get into a violent confrontation. [details]
Starring Corey Chase as Supergirl, and Alex as Catwoman
24 minutes
Superman- The Weakness
Supergirl gets together with her cousin - Superman - wanting to discuss some recent discoveries that she's made. [details]
Starring Veronika as Supergirl
28 minutes
Batgirl - Stolen Identity
Electra has come up with a plan to get rid of the caped bitch once and for all! After fine tuning the particulars, she sets a trap for the superheroine. [details]
Starring Alex as Batgirl, and Renee as Electra
41 minutes
Master Nazi vs Wonder Woman
Introducing Nikki Brooks as Wonder Woman. [details]
15 minutes
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