Superman Weakness #4

Starring Diamond, and Veronika
Supergirl discovers - purely by accident- that her cousin Superman has a fatal weakness - he can easily be overpowered by woman when they arouse him. She enlists the help of her friend Powergirl so they can help Superman understand his problem and possibly come up with a solution. They devise a plan to have Powergirl "come on" to him when he enters the room. Immediately Superman feels the effects of the females advances. The superheroines mock Superman - teasing and taunting him until he's completely powerless. They stroke his erection to show how much power they do have over him and soon realize that they may not be able to overcome this weakness.
20 minutes
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Catwoman Hypnotizes Wonder Woman No. 2
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Lex Luthor Overcomes Lois Lane
Lex has stolen Superman's powers and show up to claim his long lusted after prize, Lois Lane. [details]
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Superman on Designer Island
Superman comes to Designer Island in search of Batman who was last seen here. [details]
Starring Megan, Roxy, Nikki Brooks, and Gloria
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The Countess versus Wonder Woman
WW decides to go undercover and apply for a job with the Countess whom she suspects of being a villain. [details]
29 minutes
Master Nazi vs Wonder Woman
Introducing Nikki Brooks as Wonder Woman. [details]
15 minutes
Renee Humiliated and Raped
Amy and Alyssa decide to get even with the new girl at the office - Renee - who they think gets all of the attention at work. [details]
Starring Renee
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The Hypnotized Robber
Renee returns home from some errands to encounter a robber in her bedroom rifling through her drawers! The robber demands all of Renee's valuables - a sneaky Renee decides to offer her the magic crystal that she uses for her hypnosis business and before long she has the robber under her spell! She takes full advantage of the situation and has the robber join her for a hot romp on the bed! Leaving the robber with a post-hypnotic suggestion before she brings her out of her trance - Renee finally brings the robber back to reality with a snap of her fingers! [details]
Starring Renee, and Raven
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Spiderman's Blow Job
Spiderman is visiting the house of a policewoman and she notices that the bulge in his pants is rather large so she decides to conduct an investigation. [details]
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