Hypnotized Sex Slaves

Starring Renee, Chelsea, and Raven
In a sequel to Hypnosis Fantasy, Chelsea has called the police to report Renee's suspicious behavior. Detective Raven shows up at Chelsea's and listens to her complaints ie: whenever Renee comes over to visit - she doesn't remember much about Renee's visit; Renee also has funny phrases or words that she uses all the time but Chelsea doesn't recall what happens at the time Renee speaks these words. While Detective Raven is questioning Chelsea, Renee shows up inquiring as to why the police are there. Chelsea stutters in trying to explain but Renee takes control of the situation and pulls out her magic crystal and flashes it in front of the detectives face. Before she's able to resist, Raven is drawn into Renee's hypnotic trance - Chelsea is reinduced with her previous "post hypnotic suggestion" phrase. Renee informs both girls that they are now her sex slaves and she commands them to perform various sexual acts on her from sucking her titties, licking her pussy to fingering her before she has them enjoy each other's company - Renee wants them to bring each other to orgasm on command. After all the fun is over, Renee leaves the girls with their post hypnotic suggestions....until next time!
33 minutes
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