Tickle Torture - Orgasm Denial

Starring Veronika, and Renee
Veronika has Renee tied up in a precarious position. Not knowing what to expect, Renee is surprised to hear that Veronika is going to get her off with her favorite toy - the Magic Wand. She uses the wand on Renee's pussy - watching it get wetter and wetter and just when Renee is on the verge of an orgasm - she pulls the toy away and starts to tickle Renee's feet! She slides the shoes off to expose the soles. One leg is naked and Renee is wearing a stocking on the other. Veronika does this over and over again - bringing Renee to the edge of climax - only to stop cold and tickle her relentlessly. Renee gets Revenge on Veronika by tying her up and doing the same with the Magic Wand and tickle torture. Eventually letting Veronika cum - only to tickle her some more!
30 minutes
DVD - $40.00
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