Male Tickle Torture

Starring Renee, and Tyler
An unsuspecting man has no idea why he's been blindfolded and tied spread-eagle to the bed. Tyler and Renee start rubbing their elegantly gloved hands along his legs and the man is slow to realize that he's about to be tickled!!! The girls slowly start tickling the sole of his feet - focusing on the arch of his foot, moving to his toes- spreading them wide and on up his leg until they reach his cock. They tease his cock before heading down the other leg to the untouched foot where they proceed to tickle himm ore! The man groans from the torture but moans when the girls re-focus their attention tohis now erect cock! He is really getting into the tickle torture. Renee and Tyler slowly work their way up his body until they are now tickling his torso and armpits. The girls try tickling everything from his balls, armpits, neck, torso, bellybutton, feet ande verywhere in between to drive the man crazy!!! What torture he is subjected to between their naked fingers (gloves are eventually removed) to feathers, forks and vibrators!
30 minutes
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