Superheroine Sex Slaves

Supergirl and Wonder Woman are trying to keep the Ice Princess from stealing the Tazman Two diamond.  They are lured into various traps set by the cold-hearted Ice Princess.  She uses her special powers to turn the superheroines into her super sex slaves!  Wrapping Wonder Womans lasso around her and using her own powers against her.  Wonder Woman is then used to help the Ice Princess lure Supergirl into the compound where the Ice Princess shortly takes over her mind.  The superheroines' powers are useless and they become the erotically charged peon sex slaves that they were meant to be.  Lots of 2 and 3 girl sex action & strap-on sex.  
50 minutes
DVD - $40.00
Download - $30.00
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Superheroine Slut Training
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UltraGirl vs. The Death Maiden
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Supergirl Hanging
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70 minutes
Supergirl & Ms. Terious
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Catwoman Hypnotizes Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman has been called to investigate a break-in and discovers Catwoman at the scene of the crime. [details]
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The Struggles of Superchick
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Superheroines vs. Hypnoman
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Wonder Woman Gassed and Raped
Chelsea gets a call that the Crime King has escaped from jail and is out for revenge against Wonder Woman for putting him there. [details]
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Batgirl - Captured & Screwed
Batgirl arrives at the proposed scene of the crime - searching around for the alleged invadert. [details]
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Ms. Americana's Humiliation
Called to the scene of robbery in progress, Ms. [details]
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Lex Luthor Rapes Supergirl
Lex Luthor calls Supergirl and tells her to come to his lair to capture him. [details]
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Catwoman & Wonder Woman Molest Batman
Batman has been captured by Catwoman who, as usual, is in one of her ruts! She decides to make Batman her sexual slave. [details]
Starring Veronika as Catwoman, and Alex as Wonder Woman
21 minutes
Superheroines Vs. Dr Hypno
Wonder Woman has been captured by Dr Hypno and is being used as bait to lure Supergirl to his lair in order to hypnotize and humiliate both superheroines. [details]
Starring Renee as Supergirl, and Alex as Wonder Woman
30 minutes
Stealing Wonder Woman's Identity
Evil Woman hatches a plot to steal Wonder Woman's Identity by luring Batgirl to her hideout. [details]
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Batgirl's Forced Orgasm
Catwoman is on a tear trying to find the secret to all the superheroine powers. [details]
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Ice Princess Vs. Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is notified that the Ice Princess is wreaking havoc in her attempt to take over the world and WW's help is needed! She investigates and is jumped by the Ice Princess. [details]
30 minutes
Justice League of Superheroines Vol 2
Electra is playing mind games with the Justice League of Superheroines in this 2nd story involving our superheroine friends. [details]
Starring Renee as Electra, Angel as SuperChick, and Alex as Wonder Woman
55 minutes
Seductress Hypnotizes Wonder Woman
The Seductress is loose in town and Wonder Woman plans on capturing her and bringing her to justice. [details]
32 minutes
The Villainess v Supergirl
The Villainess is hired to overpower Supergirl, steal her costume and wreak havoc on unsuspecting Gotham city. [details]
29 minutes
Catwoman and Equestrian Girl
Introducing a NEW superheroine - Equestrian Girl! Catwoman is lusting after her fellow superheroine Equestrian Girl ("EG"), who wears HOT riding britches making her ass irresistible, but she knows that her advances will be rejected. [details]
30 minutes
Wonder Woman Hypnotized
Responding to an alert from authorities, Wonder Woman goes to the hideout of "Dr. [details]
Starring Chelsea as Wonder Woman
29 minutes
Justice League of Superheroines
Our first production to feature all of the Superheroines - Supergirl, Powergirl, Ice Princess and Wonder Woman. [details]
40 minutes
Wonder Woman Mind Control
Raven has always dreamed of being Wonder Woman. [details]
Starring Raven as Wonder Woman
30 minutes
Supergirl Hypnotized
Supergirl is lured to Villainess Chelsea's secret lair. [details]
Starring Renee as Supergirl, and Chelsea
30 minutes
Wonder Woman's Biggest Fan
Alex and Renee team up to produce one of our all time best superheroine videos. [details]
Starring Alex as Wonder Woman, and Renee
33 minutes
Strap-On Maid Seduction
Raven plays the coy housekeeper. [details]
Starring Renee, and Raven
40 minutes
Strap-on Salesgirl
Tyler and Chelsea are getting it on when they are interrupted by a knock at the door. [details]
Starring Chelsea, Renee, and Tyler
30 minutes
Join Renee and Tyler as they take a HOT road trip! Tyler is visiting Renee and they decide to go to the beach. [details]
Starring Renee, and Tyler
30 minutes
Robot Maid to Dominate
As the video opens, Renee is tweaking her new robots circuitry -- an innocent schoolgirl who has been converted to Renee's personal sex slave/robot maid. [details]
Starring Renee, and Tyler
34 minutes
The Hypnotized Robber
Renee returns home from some errands to encounter a robber in her bedroom rifling through her drawers! The robber demands all of Renee's valuables - a sneaky Renee decides to offer her the magic crystal that she uses for her hypnosis business and before long she has the robber under her spell! She takes full advantage of the situation and has the robber join her for a hot romp on the bed! Leaving the robber with a post-hypnotic suggestion before she brings her out of her trance - Renee finally brings the robber back to reality with a snap of her fingers! [details]
Starring Renee, and Raven
30 minutes
Two Butts and Strap-Ons
In scene after scene, Renee and Chelsea take turns with strap-on dildos in wonderfully close-up views. [details]
Starring Chelsea, and Renee
60 minutes
Beg Me For It
Renee wants to see Angel beg for it - she wants her to beg her to let her cum. [details]
Starring Renee, and Angel
30 minutes
Who Believes in Hypnosis......
Angel, in the role of a delivery girl, arrives at Renee the Hypnotist's house to deliver a package. [details]
Starring Angel, and Renee
30 minutes
Real Estate Rape
Chelsea is the top real estate agent in the country Her gorgeous picture is always in the paper. [details]
Starring Chelsea
58 minutes
The Mystic Headmistress vs Wonder Woman and Invisible Woman
The Mystic Headmistress has been hired to take down Wonder Woman and Invisible Woman. [details]
35 minutes
The Blackcat, The Red Tiger and Supergirl
Supergirl is still weak from her attack by the Red Tiger and is sleeping when the Blackcat comes in and sees the domination dildo next to Supergirl. [details]
25 minutes
Supergirl v The Red Tiger
Supergirl is at home when she is challenged by another heroine, The Red Tiger, who is intent on demonstrating her superiority over SG in every way. [details]
Starring Veronika as Supergirl
25 minutes
Sleeper's Reprise
Finally the return of the original sleeper who torments the NEW amazon Wonder Woman and her superheroine friend Batgirl. [details]
Starring Megan as Wonder Woman, and Jewel as Batgirl
32 minutes
Wonder Woman's Seduction
Wonder Woman searches a terrorists RV for documents that will lead her to the nuclear bomb - which she can then disable saving the country from ruins. [details]
34 minutes
Magic Girl vs. Superoines
Wonder Woman and Super Girl are on the hunt for Magic Girl. [details]
22 minutes
Superman Weakness #4
Supergirl discovers - purely by accident- that her cousin Superman has a fatal weakness - he can easily be overpowered by woman when they arouse him. [details]
Starring Diamond, and Veronika
20 minutes
Wonder Woman Flumoxed
Alex is back as Wonder Woman in the fantastic short sequence. [details]
Starring Alex as Wonder Woman
5 minutes
The Queen of Swords
Our heroine, the Queen of Swords, a female Zorro, is scouting a evil Lord of the Manor's reserve when she is knocked out. [details]
20 minutes
Supergirl vs. Catwoman
Catwoman, alien to the planet Earth, possesses special powers that may just defeat our caped Supergirl once and for all! Supergirl is called away from her honeymoon to confront Catwoman - who has taken control of the planet. [details]
Starring Renee as Supergirl, and Alex as Catwoman
38 minutes
Master Nazi vs Wonder Woman
Introducing Nikki Brooks as Wonder Woman. [details]
15 minutes
Cheetah & Wonder Woman Fight Over Major Steve
The Cheetah has captured Wonder Woman's boyfriend Major Steve in order to trap Wonder Woman when she comes to rescue her main squeeze! While waiting for Wonder Woman, Cheetah gets frisky and decides to give Steve a blow job. [details]
Starring Veronika as Cheetah, and Alex as Wonder Woman
21 minutes
Hypnotized Housewives
Mistress Hypnotica (Megan) moves to a wealthy suburb where she preys on unsuspecting housewives to take their money and convert them into her smoking slaves. [details]
Starring Megan, Gloria, Nikki Brooks, and Renee
30 minutes
Hypnosis Fantasy
Chelsea is busy unpacking from her recent move when Renee knocks at her door - she has come to introduce herself to her new neighbor. [details]
Starring Chelsea, and Renee
45 minutes
Hypnotized Sex Slaves
In a sequel to Hypnosis Fantasy, Chelsea has called the police to report Renee's suspicious behavior. [details]
Starring Renee, Chelsea, and Raven
33 minutes
Corruption of Tara and Wonder Woman
Tara is a presidential candidate being guarded by Wonder Woman. [details]
25 minutes
Evil Sorceress Traps Supergirl & Wonder Woman
The Evil Sorceress has been making young girls disappear through a fake modeling agency she runs. [details]
25 minutes
Smoking Sex Slave
Diamond is working for a madam that enslaves college students. [details]
Starring Diamond, and Roxy
25 minutes
Wonder Woman's Downfall
Every little girl grows up wanting to be her favorite Superheroine - Toni has devised such a plan over the years. [details]
Starring Alex as Wonder Woman, and Toni as Wonder Woman
34 minutes
Catwoman's Downfall
Catwoman's partner Justin and friend in crime - Diamond - both turn on the purring feline. [details]
Starring Veronika as Catwoman, and Diamond
25 minutes
Mistress Renee Hypnosis
Amy catches her new roommate Renee hypnotizing her (Amy's) boyfriend during a telephone conversation. [details]
Starring Renee
30 minutes
Pop Star Interview
Feel like some SERIOUS two-girl action? Hannah is a reporter doing an exclusive interview of the newest pop star (Megan) to emerge on the scene. [details]
Starring Hannah, Megan, and Renee
30 minutes
Sister Butt Sniff
Alex and Alyssa (real half-sisters) are sitting around before Alex goes jogging. [details]
Starring Alex
31 minutes
Veronika/Renee - Hypnosis
Renee is a conservative beat cop who is sent to question Veronika about incident. [details]
Starring Renee, and Veronika
29 minutes
The Hostages
While investigating a case, Detective Renee is taken hostage by Chelsea. [details]
Starring Renee, Raven, and Chelsea
48 minutes
The Android Cheerleaders
Megan and Roxy are android cheerleaders who return from cheerleading practice when suddenly Megan malfunctions. [details]
Starring Megan, and Roxy
17 minutes
Angel and Chelsea Hypno Strobe
Chelsea hypnotizes an unsuspecting visitor (Angel) with a handheld strobe light. [details]
Starring Chelsea, and Angel
52 minutes
Au Pair Hypnosis
Fabulous hypnotic storyline from MCstories brought to life by Renee and Alex. [details]
Starring Alex, and Renee
43 minutes
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