Chloroformed Beauties

Starring Angel, and Veronika
Chloforming scenes mixed with a fascination for pantyhose and feet. In the first scenarios, Angel and Angeline find themselves the target of a foot fetishist. He chloroforms them and has his way with their beautiful pantyhose-clad bodies - spending extra time on their precious feet. Alyssa finds herself the victim of a neighbor who has lusted after her body for years. He enters her house and chloroforms her - rubbing her pantyhose-clad legs and feet in various scenes. Veronika is also included in the chloroform fun. She's attacked from behind with a rag covered with chloroform. She's then carried into the bedroom for some fondling. Includes a lot of chloroforming scenes, some carry scenes, lots of leg/feet fondling while wearing pantyhose and Veronika is also knocked out in one scene by a mysterious injection from a hypodermic needle.
32 minutes
DVD - $35.00
Download - $30.00
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Strangle Stories
Scene 1: Someone sneaks up on Alyssa and strangles her - she is cradle carried around - strangled again and fondled. [details]
Starring Alex, and Veronika
56 minutes
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