Renee's Chloroform Fantasy

Starring Renee, Diamond, and Veronika
Renee seems like the typical business-woman - owning a luxury lingerie store and dating the wealthy bachelors in town. But Renee has secret little fantasies that she plays out with her beautiful young customers. On this particular day, a pretty young thing named Diamond comes in to the store looking to buy something sexy to turn on her boyfriend. Renee gives the girl a few hot little numbers to try on including some sexy stockings. As she's waiting for the customer to try on each outfit, Renee pulls a small bottle of chloroform from her purse and a nice pair of white satin panties - she starts peeking at the girl dressing through a crack in the door. Seeing her opportunity, Renee enters the dressing room and chats up the customer before sneaking the panties up to the girls face -encouraging her to breath in and relax. Once Diamond is out cold on the floor, Renee ties her legs and feet together and moves her to the bed where she fondles her a bit. When Diamond starts to come around, the door chimes goes off to signify another customer - Renee hurries and chloroforms Diamond again so she won't draw anyone's attention.

Renee goes out to greet her next customer. A beautiful blonde - Veronika - who happens to be a cop. She needs a good pair of stockings to hold her gun in place when working undercover. Veronika asks Renee if she's seen her friend who was supposed to meet her here but Renee denies anything - knowing that Diamond is sound asleep and bound in the back. Veronika is sent off to try on some lingerie and again Renee is peeking through the door with her chloroformed panties in hand. After watching Veronika change, Renee enters the dressing room and takes the gun - holds it to Veronika's head and chloroforms her and takes her to the back bedroom with Diamond. Renee plans to inject the beauties with something that will make them forget everything that happens to them but only after she has a little fun with them first. She leaves the room and both Veronika and Diamond are able to loosen the ropes and plan to attack Renee when she returns. They jump on her - she resists but ends up getting injected with her own medicine. They put her on the bed, strip her clothes and give her another injection of what's left in the syringe - hoping that she'll forget that she ever met them.
30 minutes
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