Strangle Stories

Starring Alex, and Veronika
Scene 1: Someone sneaks up on Alyssa and strangles her - she is cradle carried around - strangled again and fondled.

Scene 2: Alyssa is a hired killer - Veronika is her mark. Alyssa slips on some black leather gloves and sneaks up on her sleeping victim - sliding her leather-clad hands around Veronika's neck. Veronika is strangled over and over again.

Scene 3: Alyssa and Veronika are taking a nap when someone sneaks up on them and strangles both of them at the same time with his bare hands.

Scene 4: Veronika is looking sexy in her bikini - getting ready to lay out by the pool. She gets an unexpected delivery and as she has her back turned to the delivery guy - he sneaks up on her and strangles her. He puts her limp body up on the bed - slips her bikini off and starts to screw her. As she starts to come around - he strangles her unconscious again.

Scene 5: Alex is reading a scary book and nods off. She starts having a scary dream that someone is strangling her. He strangles her and strips her naked - fondling her beautiful body. Is this a dream or does Alex wake up?
56 minutes
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Chloroformed Beauties
Chloforming scenes mixed with a fascination for pantyhose and feet. [details]
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