Rape Fantasy

Starring Star, and Tyler
Star is invited over to Tyler and her husband's house for a good time. She just met them and had no idea what to expect but enjoys meeting new people. After inviting her in, they offer her a glass of wine and she has no idea that it is laced. After few minutes, Star passes out. Tyler and her husband are quick to take advantage of her condition.
They slowly undress her and enjoy her body with their hands and mouths. They carry her to the bedroom where they tie her up and ball gag her. As she groggily wakes up, they use their hands all over her and even a lifelike dildo. Star is barely awake and asks them not to do this but they continue. She resists the dildo action but it soon begins to feel good and Star moves her hips with them. She gets close to orgasm and then the couple backs off, not letting her climax.
Next, they tie her up in a new position, bent forward at a right angle over the bed. Tyler uses the dildo on her from behind and her husband takes the gag out and forces his cock into her mouth. As Star is close to cumming, they back off again and switch positions. Now Tyler is fucking Star's mouth with the dildo and her husband is taking her from behind. Star can't control herself and cums.
Finally, they lay Star on her back and Tyler goes down on her while her husband puts himself in her mouth. Now Star is really into it and both of them use and abuse her. They finally stop and he enters her again. He fucks her missionary and then doggy style while Tyler makes her eat her pussy until he shoots his load on her ass and Tyler cums from the oral stimulation.
60 minutes
DVD - $45.00
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