Please Don't Shoot Me in the Belly

Starring Angel, and Renee
While spending the day together, Angel and Renee decide to relax in the hot tub. Renee has been dating Angel's EX and didn't realize it was such a sore subject....Renee wants Angel to get over it - but she can't or she won't. While soaking in the tub, Angel asks for forgiveness - "let's hug and get over it"...but she has an evil plan brewing in her head. When she goes to hug Renee - she instead forces Renee's head under the water and holds it under - trying to drown Renee. Having taken a lot of water in, Renee's belly becomes distended and she's fearful for her life. Angel grabs her bag and brings out a gun - she had bad intentions all along! She brings the gun into the hot tub and circles Renee's bellybutton with it - threatening to shoot her right in the bellybutton! BANG - just kidding! She torments Renee with the gun while rambling on about how Renee hurt their friendship by stealing her boyfriend. Angel pulls the trigger for real and we see the blood slowly seep out of Renee's navel.....she's dies very slowly. Angel stands over Renee as she takes her last breath admiring her handiwork.
35 minutes
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