Hypnotized Housewives

Starring Megan, Gloria, Nikki Brooks, and Renee
Mistress Hypnotica (Megan) moves to a wealthy suburb where she preys on unsuspecting housewives to take their money and convert them into her smoking slaves. She's pretending to be a marriage counselor but she's really brainwashing the unsuspecting housewives and using cigarettes with special mind-altering chemicals. Gloria is her first victim. She is desperate to save her marriage and eventually falls into a zombie like state and under Megan's control. Nikki soon arrives to help Gloria with her therapy. She is stunned to see Gloria acting wantonly towards Megan. She doesn't want to assist Gloria in this off-the-wall therapy session but soon gives in and is also drawn into a trance by Mistress Hypnotica. Scenes involve nudity and mild sexual innuendo as well as cigarette smoking.
30 minutes
DVD - $35.00
Download - $30.00
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