Necro-shoot - Gone Bad

Starring Renee, and Tyler
Amy and Renee have been hired by a video production company to model for a fake snuff film - both still pictures and video. The girls show up and are introduced to the dark work of necro-snuff stuff by Tyler and her husband/business partner (shady business partners to say the least - many secrets are revealed as the storyline progresses!). They are given instructions on what they will be performing that day - from fake baggings to asphyxiation and hangings. The girls are instructed to get it on with each other while acclimating themselves to the camera-work going on so we see the girls kissing and sucking on each other while posing.

Renee is then led off for a private shoot in the bedroom - it involves a plastic bag and a dildo. When she returns to the main set, Amy is taken on her first solo ride which involves ropes and a scarf. Unbeknownst to the girls or to Tyler, her husband has a side job going on which slowly becomes evident as the day progresses. It's bad enough that Tyler and her husband haven't revealed the entirety of the business deal they've made with the models. We soon find out.....
Renee is led to the bedroom for her next solo run - she is on the bed with Tyler who has donned a strap-on for some 2 girl fucking shots. She slides a scarf around Renee's neck and as she's banging Renee, she tightens the scarf and also encourages Renee to tighten it to add more reality to the pictures. Before you know it, Renee has strangled herself. Fake snuff gone real.

Tyler and her husband return to Amy - not letting her know what's really going on and proceed with the paid shoot. They take her on her next mission which involves a hanging. She has a noose placed around her neck and she is asked to masturbate herself while pretending to hang. Unfortunately something bad (for Amy - but as planned by Tyler!) goes terribly wrong and she soon hangs herself while cumming.

Tyler and her husband are happy that their plans went off without a hitch .....BUT Tyler soon finds out that her husband is greedier than she imagined - he has a million dollar side job that involves disposing of Tyler too! What becomes of Tyler?
94 minutes
DVD - $60.00
Download - $30.00
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