Girl Rape

Starring Renee, and Tyler
Renee has plotted the perfect way to acquire a female lover. She's placed an ad in the romance column and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her "victim". The girl comes in - totally unsuspecting. Renee offers her a drink which she graciously accepts - not knowing that Renee has spiked it with a drug. As Renee grills the girl on her sexual habits - she taunts her over her meekness and sexual immaturity. Tyler falls unconscious and Renee drags her to the bedroom where she strips her of her clothes, ties her up and tapes her mouth closed with black duct tape. Renee forces herself on Tyler - teasing Tyler about her "bisexuality = kissing" petty attitude and shyness. Renee fucks a mmmppphhhhing Tyler - eating her pussy - also removing the tape from Tylers mouth to test her cooperativeness. She only agrees to release Tyler when she professes her loyalty to Renee.
30 minutes
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