Sanitary Pad Girls

Starring Renee, and Angel
In the first 3 scenes, voyeuristic views of Angel and Renee wearing different styles of pads. Renee is caught wearing white spandex shorts with a large Kotex pad bulge. Angel is wearing a maxi-belt under her skirt with no panties - giving you great upskirt shots of her pad. Renee and Angel are lounging on the couch - flashing their old fashioned Kotex belts and Modess/Kotex sanitary pads. In the last scene, Renee and Angel try on, model and compare different styles of feminine hygiene. Japanese sanitary panties, Modess and Kotex sanitary pads with belts,Stayfree, Always and Kotex pads as well as new maxi-belts.....very candid conversation.
58 minutes
DVD - $40.00
Download - $30.00
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