Diaper Bondage

Starring Renee
Renee's hubby has a new toy he wants to have her try out - but he knows how she hates bondage equipment - so he sneaks in when she's sound asleep and puts the rigid stock on her wrists and ankles and then wakes her up! Renee is furious when he leaves her there on the bed with NO keys to escape.....but he does leave her a vibrator to help her pass the time. Eventually Renee tires of trying to escape and uses the vibrator to relieve her frustrations. In the next scene, Renee awakes again to find herself in the stocks - this time on her knees. Her husband comes in and releases her from the bondage equipment but demands that she put a dildo in her pussy and wear a diaper. He challenges her --to see if she can make herself cum while bound. Renee rubs and grinds herself into the bed with a big orgasm before wetting her diaper.
44 minutes
DVD - $35.00
Download - $30.00
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